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Friday, November 16, 2007

Dialog Satellite TV asia is going to stop radio channels !

Dialog Satellite TV asia is going to stop radio channels !

Dialog Satellite TV has stopped air their radio channels .With that effect 10 of most famous radio channels are not available via Dialog TV anymore. That is a breaking promise of their end due to much published selling adds on papers, telling Dialog TV has Tv channels with Radio. Some people who don't want to buy a radio set or those whose radio is broken , are not able to here anymore via Dialog TV (DTV) with their un-kind attitude with management.

A few months ago, they've stopped to air "Animax" cartoon channel due to unsuitable programmes are there for children, according to them. But they didn't tell that a few months before , then there must be a hidden agenda for the quick decision.I think DTV management is cheating us with their Monopoly and breaking their promises everywhere they want to. The solution to get more capacity in bandwidth is not to prohibit the radio channels, but acquire another transponder with immediate effect.

Also they are going to rise up the monthly charges . But it is not the solution to earn money , because our life is not watching TV only. They must increase the customer base without increasing monthly payments.But Dialog TV , will not win peoples mind anymore with these kind of breaking promises and charges.

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