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Friday, July 27, 2007

Indian Idol 2007 Now On Dialog TV From Thursday , Friday and Saturday at 9.00 pm


Indian Idol Season 3 - 2007
Now on Thursday to Saturday @ 9.00 pm on Dialog TV - Set
One of the best shows on Tv in our time is Indian Idol. Every one can do SMS to choose a one from the contenders. If you are not in India use the dial Number to SMS, 00912525 with the name of the one , you like most. The show goes on every friday at 9.00 pm onward. One of them will get out from the competition on Saturday. Now the last 10 competitors are remain.


Monday - Jul 09, 2007 Correspondent
ndian Idol finalists sang in Hyderabad on July 08

The 4th CISM Military World Games being held in Hyderabad will always hold a special place in the hearts of the 11 Indian Idol finalists as they got the opportunity to sing Live for the first time on July 08, away from the Mumbai studios where they shoot for the reality programme.

Beginning with the title track of Salaam-e-Ishq, the singers entertained everybody with solo and duet performances. Most of the contestants except Prasant, who is in the police service and Meiyang Chang, a dentist, are still in college. And there are others like Pooja and Emon, who are in class 12.

They all aspire to be playback singers, composers or music directors after completing their studies and want to work with A. R. Rahman or Anu Malik. The contestants loved the crowd turnout and grew a bit more confident about their singing abilities after getting a positive response from everyone present.

But for Parleen Singh Gill, this moment was a bit more special because, "My father is an army officer and I can't explain how good I am feeling today to perform in front of three defence chiefs from the Army, Navy and Air Force. It is a matter of pride for me and my family." Gill says.

This doesn't mean the rest were less excited as Meiyang confesses he loved it when the audience sang along with them. Even Deepti, another contestant was overwhelmed with the response they got and said,"I had always heard that the South Indian audience was very cultured and understood music. After coming to Hyderabad I now know that the above statement is correct."

Seconding her is Abhishek Kumar who said, "We are performing Live for the first time. But it never felt like we are in a new place, before a new audience. Thanks to the encouragement and response we got from the Hyderabadi audience."

Class 12 student Ankita was enjoying a dream come true moment as she confessed, "It feels so good to perform in front of so many people."

Compared to Indian Idol I and II, the contestants of Indian Idol III seem to be more emotionally attached. So say Pooja and Abhishek. "We are always together and never fight or have differences in opinion."

Commenting on the judges, Abhishek says, "Their criticism helps us to improve our singing everyday. During my first audition, only two of the judges were impressed, but now, all say that they like my singing."


When Ahishek is OUT,

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