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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dialog TV and LBN Sri Lanka _ Satellite TV Schedule

Now, Channel Listing Links from us in + 5 and 1/2 Hours

We have added Satellite TV schedule pages links to this site from today.The Time Zone for many channels +0530 h. That is the Time Zone for Sri Lanka and India . Now it's very easy to visit the schedule pages of the Web through these links as others. we wish that will spare your time without seeking the pages from the Web.

There are rumors that "Star Channels" will come to Dialog TV Sri lanka very soon. If so here are the descriptions of the "Star Package" for your knowledge..

* Channel V - the former MTV Asia, it is a bouquet of Asia's top Music Television Channels. Its main Channel [V] international hub used to be in Hong Kong but has since relocated to Malaysia. There are local Channel V channels such as Channel [V] India, Channel [V] China, Channel [V] Australia, Channel V Thailand, Channel V Korea and Channel V Taiwan. (Channel [V] Philippines was launched through Star TV and the GMA Network, but was soon scrapped).
* STAR World - Popular U.S. and British entertainment programming broadcast to Asia.
* STAR Movies - an English language movie channel broadcast to Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan and Middle East.
* STAR Sports - a sports channel which is the evolution of Prime Sports, devoted to different sporting events, such as cricket, auto racing, golf, and many more. Associated with ESPN in Asia. Schedule also includes baseball and rugby.
* STAR Chinese Channel - Mandarin general entertainment channel in Taiwan. It was one of the five original STAR TV channels when it launched in 1991.
* STAR Chinese Movies - Cantonese movie channel tailor made for Hong Kong
* STAR Plus - One of India's most popular Hindi General Entertainment Channel. It was one of the five original STAR TV channels when it launched in 1991, and was catering to English-language entertainment (which became STAR World)
* STAR One - Niche Hindi General Entertainment Channel
* STAR Gold - Hindi Movie Channel
* STAR Utsav - in Hindi. Shows some of the popular programs from STAR PLUS
* STAR News - 24-hour Hindi News Channel.
* STAR Ananda - Bengali language news channel.
* STAR Vijay - in Tamil.
* Xing Kong - Mandarin General Entertainment Channel
* STAR Cricket - A Cricket Sports channel consist of full Cricket programming. (Coming Soon)
* STAR Majha - A 24-hour National Marathi News Channel
* Nat Geo Adventure - 24 hour adventure programming. Formerly known as Adventure One.
* National Geographic Channel
* National Geographic Wild

we can expect the most popular channels from the star family will come to Dialog TV.And the rest are not.

Some other channels now on Dialog TV line Up

* Animal Planet - educational, Mostly about Animals
* Discovery Channel - educational
* National Geographic - educational
* The History Channel - educational
* MTV - music
* Fashion TV - Fashion Channel ( Soon )
* Trendz - Fashion Channel
* Hallmark - movies/entertainment
* AXN - entertainment, Action Dramas, CSI
* Australian Network - entertainment, Sports, Educational
* Zee Cafe - entertainment, Mix
* Star World - entertainment mostly Films
* Zee Studio - movies
* HBO - movies withoud add
* STAR MOVIES - movies
* CNN - news 24 hours
* BBC World - news
* NDTV 24x7 - news
* ESPN - sports
* STAR SPORTS - sports
* TEN SPORTS - sports
* Neo SPORTS - sports , Mostly Cricket
* Neo SPORTS Plus - sports
* SET PIX - movies
* SET SAB - Hindi movies
* Al - Jazeera - News
* HBO Sgnature - Movies
* Cinemax - Movies
* HBO Hits - Movies
* HBO Family - Movies
* Travel And Living - Travel Channel- Educational
* VH1 - Songs in English
* SRTV - Tamil Movies
* The Buddhist TV - Religion
* God TV - Religion

With Local Channels..

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