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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Indian Idol , The Top 8 have been selected. With bringing tears Parleen Singh Gill OUT !

Another big sad day for Indian Idol fans around the world

Who look handsome, Smart and with suitable voice with any circumstance, in background music ( You must use a surrounding system to hear feel how great is his voice ) Parleen Singh Gill is out from the contest. That was Un-expected, Many thought he must be in The Top 5.With voice and presentation,he was more ahead from some others, But he is no more in the contest.

As usually, many thought a girl was going to out. But, unexpectedly, it wasn't a girl. But, Deepali, was again in the dangerous zone.With Pooja. These two must be in the Top 5, as to their ability with comparing last rounds.Parleen Singh Gill is a very friendly guy with all, then he brought every one tears.That was a shock for others.The most interesting part of the show was some misunderstanding in judges, regarding Deepali. That was between Anu Malik and Alisha. that was ended after Anu Malik's comments on her, "what do you think to advice me and who are you to do so ?" .That seems Indian Idol this season is going to be very, very HOT!

Now I'm going to publish some comments extracted from Indian sites.....


Journey Of Parleen To The Indian Idol Comes To An End

What a shock!! Nobody imagined after such a fantastic , superb performance yesterday Parleen could be out of this competition. The show started with the comment that Anu Malick had for Deepali yesterday. There was a contradiction among the judges specially among ALisha Chinoy and Anu Malik that whether they should interfare in the personal life of the contestants or not. Another contradiction was that whether they should be more careful about their comments as it could lead a good contestant to the danger zone.ALisha Chinoy thinks that Anu Malick's comment towards Deepali that "her crush is crushing her voice" has lead her to the danger zone. She said that Janta is influenced by the judges comment and they vote accordingly...So they judges should be very much aware about their comment as it could shatter a contestant dream's to be the Indian Idol. However this time Deepali,Parleen and Puja were in danger zone .. out of which Parleen was eliminated. This time history didnt repeat itself leading to the elimination of the girls unlike the other galas.

Some extracted comments from Indian Idol site ( Official)........

1.Posted By: Mehreen
v vil miss u parleen!!!:
hey parleen...seriously it was soo unfair u got out..but datz part of life..dunt be disheartened..v vill miss u on indian idol...gud luck!!
Lahore, Pak

2.Posted By: Zayan
dear parleen:
i m from pakistan,my name is zayan choudary,yar mujay bohat afsos huwa jab aap ko vote out kiya.india ki janta pagal hai,mujay aap pr poora yaqeen tha k aap indian idol 3 ho,mager india ki janta nay aap ka sath nhi diya.really sorry to see u at stage while singing last song..

3.Posted By: aaaa
miss uu:
i am in a gr8 shock to hear that u r out!!! i actually creid !! i ma going to miss u a lotttttttt!!!al ur performances were superbbbbbb!!!

4.Posted By: rabia
miss u:
we dont any words to expres our feelings
hai man u r da best
we all want to see u again on screen n i m sure if we PAKISTANI cud vote fr u
u wud ve been da idol
u r reaaaaaaaaaaaly da bst

5.osted By: Tanvi
miss you:
yehs my third message... wow i guess i really like you huh ? hmm imma keep posting till my message is the one right on top so you read it first....
considering you'll have more time to reply to messages not (AAHH WHYY??) PLEASE reply to mine... just a simple hi will suffice... u live in gurgaon right?? me too!!! maybe ill meet you at the mall... then we'll discuss soccer.. and ur willing to be my friend... yeh i rally wish you didnt get out... im seriously not gonna watch anymore... my mom cried too when u got out... bu she likes amit so shes gonna keep watching..

6.Posted By: vibha
i am shocked:
i cant believe at all that ur out. i think people are just out of their mind. i am goin to miss u . god bless u.

7.Posted By: samrana
its a shock......!:
hi a great fan of urs and am from bangladesh.......i really lke ur singing and the way u present sad dat u r out......but plz dont be upset too much......take javed ji's words seriously..........and i want and wud like to see ur music album in the future.....................:-)...u hav a sweet smile so plzzzzzz keep on smiling.....
best of luck for ur future......hope to get a reply from u......take care.........allah ya..........

8.Posted By: aashna iyer
hey.....bad luck and thanx fr d autograph!!!:
hey u knw wht............ur totally my inspiration. my dad's in d armed forces too and i love to sing and knwing dat u gt so far ahead widout a lifelong singing training has really given me a lotta confidence. i dont care that u've been voted out...........u r amazing anyday and i swear, if u cut an album, im definately gonna buy it. and thank u for the autograph at VT station d other day...........u have no idea how excited i was!!!! u rock mahn......amazing and im gonna miss u like crazy!!!!

9.Posted By: prithu
itssssssssss unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
wats wrong with the people they r just out of mind.i cant really accept this this is totally unfair inspite of singing well u r out,i cant believe this plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss we all want him back plssssssss do something guys plssssssssssss plssssssssss i beg of u all pls he is the real star plssssssssssss guys do something i cant think abt indian idol without parleen n the indins who r crying now r just acting they cant save him they r so cheap they cud have saved him plssssssssssss do something plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.i hope voting system was in bangladesh i wud never let him leave plssssssssssssssssssss do soimething plsssssssssssssss

10.Posted By: isra
u r my indian idol....:
i `ll not see indian idol again coz u r not here....
u r my indian idol and u`ll alwayz b.... inshALLAH
ALLAH hafiz
GOD bless u

11.Posted By: Tausi Malik
You are a winner for us!!!:
Hi Parleen, I am a pakistani and a mother of a 16 year old who looks quite like you. The decision today hurt me so much that i cried and sobbed. I strongly believe what Javed Sb said and i want you to know that you are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. May God shower upon you His blessings Amin. I hope one day i meet you cuz i feel for you like your mom feels for you. Love you Beta.

12.Posted By: Anjali
Parleen u r one of the best singers yaar!:
Hey Parleen
I ended up crying when u were voted out................. U dont deserve this at all..........infact prashant shld have gone is really hard fer u as well as the judges and other contestants.......... U should be given another chance......Dont lose hope brother! Love u a lot!
Lots of best wishes

13.Posted By: Akashdeep On:28/07/2007
hi dear.....:
its a great shock to me that we wont be able to see you in indian idol any more......but as i am also of your age so as a friend m saying you have a wonderful got it in you.So dont loose hope and go ahead.......and if u dont mind i want to be your friend.......will you???????Anyway BEST OF LUCK AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE MUSIC LIFE!!!!!!!!!

14.Posted By: S.Parames
We miss u Very lot:
We miss u so much we all aspect you have a very bright future. Don’t be worry. We all believe one day you will be a great singer for ever.

Wish you all the very best

We miss you lot

Parames & friend
DynCorp-int’ -Qatar

15.Posted By: Anum Iqbal
Sky is the limit ....:
Hie im Anum Iqbal from karachi Pakistan. parleen i really love ur singing style and the way u carry with every situation.Just wanted to say dont loose hope as ur fans hav'nt.remember vry cloud has a silver lining.tht marks the beginning of a new succes story. seek for urs nd u'll succeed.just mere things dont decide destinies they are pre planned by the Almighty.And im sure he has kept the best part still a secret for u. So buck up and please work hard so that I and all ur other fans get to see u soon . Love u.

p.s ure always welcome here in Karachi ....



Some say they can't vote because outside of India.
It's not correct.There is a way to vote them. even in Sri Lanka or America.

The SMS number is 2525. Dial 00912525 ( With code number )

If this is not correct , please inform us immediately to verify this.

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