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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sri Lanka - New focus on cinema industry under new management

Sri Lanka - New focus on cinema industry under new management
It is time to introduce a course on cinematography for the artistes so that the cinema industry could be improved and upgraded, said veteran media personality, Edwin Ariyadasa at a ceremony held in connection with the induction of former MMC T. M. Sanghadasa as new advisor to the State Film Corporation.

He said in view of the vast experience gained in the field of cinema the new advisor can contribute his lot to the advancement of the State Film Corporation. The local cinema industry has passed the 60th milestone of its life but disproportionately its quality is lagging far behind the time.

One reason for this predicament, he pointed out was that the veterans have due to various reasons left the industry leaving a big void.

Some have left the country in search of green pastures, whilst others have opted to engage in more gainful employment elsewhere. The new advisor could possibly have his experience and expertise harnessed and with the cooperation of the new chairman, Jayantha Dharmadasa and the board of director steer the industry along the progressive path.

Presidential Secretary on Parliamentary Affairs, Kumarasiri Gamage, said the appointment of the new advisor is a victory for all cinema artistes. In the recent past the Corporation suffered a lot when it found it difficult to avail the services of a person of the stature of Sanghadasa.

Meanwhile, whilst being pre-occupied with the struggle to liberate the country from the jackboot of the terrorists, the President has to concentrate himself on other burning problems. The Government is fully committed to herald an era in which all the communities could live together happily, he said.

Kettarama Viharadhipathi, Velandagoda Yasassi Thera, Ven. Kapuduwe Nandasiri Thera, Viharadhipathi, Sri Visuddharamaya, Rev. Sriyananda Fernando of the Catholic Cinema Forum, ANCL Chairman, Bandula Padmakumara, EAP Films Ltd Chairman Dr. Soma Edirisinghe, Sumathi Films Ltd, Chairman Milina Sumathipala, SFC General Manager Saman Weeraman also participated.

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