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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kumaran Padmanadan (KP) must be killed before long to safe innocent Tamils

Reliable sources reveal that LTTE's chief for cross border terrorist activities, Kumaran Padmanadan, alias "KP" has been hidden after the ending of the war in Sri Lanka. Now he is very afraid to have been killed.He is hiding saying "I must hide if not Tamils will not safe'. But all the world know all the Tamils including 'Karuna" are here in safe in Sri Lanka.Millions of people say the governments must kill this No1 butcher "KP" before his next attacked on innocent people as before.
Kumaran Padmanadan is one of the most wanted terrorists by the International Police (Interpol) who has been running the global procurement network of the LTTE terrorists.
Some Tamils say KP will head the LTTE. But now..LTTE is no more. Only the name. KP will go to hell without any doubt.

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