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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mahinda Rajapaksha is millions better than Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka ?

President of Sri Lanka , Mahinda Rajapaksha


The suspected Tiger female suicide bomber who carried out the attack on the Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has been identified as Anoja Kugenthiratasah.

Colombo, 27 April, ( The female suicide bomber who carried out the bomb attack on the Sri Lanka Army Commander on Tuesday 25 April, has been identified as a Tamil women from Vavuniya.


Sarath Fonseka ********************

the next presidential elections comes. what is people are expecting ? SF or MR ?
means Sarath Fonseka or Mahinda Rajapaksha. Both 2 sides are in a cold war regarding who is the Real Hero of the war in Sri Lanka. How can judge this ? specially UNP, the United National Party ? That was the main party in Sri Lanka who opposed in every way to stop the war and speaking about never ever can win a war or defeat Prabhakaran . They always opposed the way this government has done the way of war. always told its fake and made many speeches how Mahinda and Prabhakaran made a treaty and going to sell the country etc. In few weeks the war has been won by the government of Mahinda , there Sarath Fonseka was the Chief .

The problem was, in last 40 years Sarath was in the duty. Never won the 30 year old war. In few years after Mahinda's presidency it won in 4 years time. Who is the real hero ? you must decide . How Sarath is in power hungry these days ? others made him mind to that point. Now he himself believe as the real No. 1 hero is he. There are 3 army forces there. How we can tell Sarath is the one. Can say , only if anyone is insane . The power hungry UNP and the most destruction party in Sri Lanka JVP now in same platform to get the power making false arguments. Lalkantha, The JVP's cow (olamotalaya) is making many unbelievable arguments to see himself happy. One time in Sri Lanka the all of the had power including minister-ships. Only they know to shout. When they got the said power They didn't know how to do the minister ships.Making false arguments they left their memberships from the government. Because their lack of efficiency in the office.

Do you think Sarath Fonsake must take the presidency ? No , never. But we love him . Others like some opposite politicians have made his mind pollute these days. everyone like the power. Nothing except Sarath Fonseka. He assumes he will win. But never. The only votes he will receive are the votes of UNP, as always less than 50%
of the given votes.

The Only Problem witnSarath is, he doesn't know how to control a country even near to me, except Army. The control of army forces is very much easier than control people. Why ? The forces never question the leader. It's their duty. But people ? they always criticize the ruling party and the president. Do you thing an army chief like Sarath will hear their voice ? These days he will tell "He Can ". But with power he surely changes and will make his own decisions whether people like it or not. He will throw away UNP and JVP too as he left Mahinda and Gotabhaya, who made the way for Sarath to be the chief of Army.


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