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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

movie ‘3 Idiots’ is setting new records in India

‘3 Idiots’ is setting new records in India

3 idiots

‘3 Idiots’ is unstoppable. That's the truth! No distributor, no trade expert, no soothsayer can, at this moment, predict the magnitude of business of this film. No one has an answer, frankly!

‘3 Idiots’ is setting new records in India and also in the international markets. In fact, the second weekend numbers are approx. 70% to 80% of the first weekend numbers. Unimaginable!

No one expected ‘3 Idiots’ to surpass ‘Ghajini’. As I pen this piece, ‘3 Idiots’ has already surpassed ‘Ghajini’ and is already seated on the throne. Only goes to prove yet again that if a film has the merits, the sky is the limit. It can set new records, scale dizzy heights of success and work magic at the ticket window.

Given the fact that the ‘3 Idiots’ wave was so omnipotent, why were the producers of ‘Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi?’, ‘Accident On Hill Road’ and ‘Bolo Raam’ hell-bent on releasing their movies a week later, on December 31? They could've shifted the film to a latter date. That would've ensured more screens and better show timings.

All three films have been badly affected by the ‘3 Idiots’ wave. The numbers are poor. Not that their luck would've changed for better had they arrived later, but, I guess, the numbers would've been marginally better.

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