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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Binara Handata wedi Kaluwara - Sinhala Song now on You Tube

Binara Handata wedi Kaluwara
- by Chamara Weerasinghe

This song is from Chamara Weerasinghe, one of the greatest singers in Sri Lanka. I've heard this a long time ago, but I thought this will be vanished with the time If there isn't a visual for this wonderful song. Then using Hindi movie of Lagaan, I've created a simple visual to listen the song and to keep this song alive.



Chamara Weerasinghe, is from Matara and I'm also from Matara, upto now we don't know each other but live in only around 2-3 miles away.
I hope, If Mr. Chamara has seen this video may be comment here or You Tube.

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