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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Demonoid Free Invitations codes here..

Demonoid Free Invitations codes here..

one of the best torrent cracker sites in the world, previously now as , can't login without a usernames . If want to get one they are not going to get you as a new member without an invitation code from a its member. now we are going to give away free Demonoid invitation codes here without any thing back from you. Only thing we expect is please seed as more than you can keeping 1:1 ratio live or seed about 48 hours after the downloading your file to catch others in easy way.

Also .. if you have another Demonoid invitations , plase be kind to share with others too. Also.. if you received an invitation code , then you'll get your own invitations after a few weeks from your control panel of the site. Then be kind enough to share your invitations here with others time to time. Even once in a moth with your 5 invitation codes.

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