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Saturday, October 27, 2007

ABC licence cancelled For Hiru FM, Sha FM, Gold FM, Sun FM and Suriyan FM

ABC licence cancelled
----Daily News

THE Government has cancelled the broadcasting licence of the ABC Radio Network for broadcasting a wrong misleading and irresponsible news item on October 24 night which had caused panic among residents living in and around Ranminitenna in the Tissamaharama electorate.

The Government Information Department in a communique said this radio station had broadcast an unconfirmed report on October 24 night stating that a band of armed LTTE Cadres had entered Ranminitenna, a village close to the Kataragama sacred city. This had created tension and uneasiness among people in the area.

The Security Forces and Police immediately intervened and defused the tension and pacified the people. The Government feels that if not for the tricky intervention of the Security Forces and the Police this would have led to unfortunate incidents in areas like Kataragama where different communities and religious groups lived.

The fundamental responsibility of the Media was to implement the people’s right to information. Truthfulness was a fundamental ethic in carrying out this responsibility.

Truthfullness had been a mandatory stipulation in granting broadcasting licences to various institutions since radio beams were public property.

A responsible Government which is bound to maintain law and order and peace could not remain silent if anyone tried to publish wrong and irresponsible news reports taking cover behind the freedom of speech which would deceive masses and create confusion.

As such, the government was reluctantly compelled to cancel the licence of ABC radio.
Government of Sri Lanka reported. Then many Radio lines such as Hiru , Sha, Sun Suriyan FM, and Gold FM are not on air anymore. Those five are the much popular radio lines in the country than any others. There must be some other story behind in Government side.Because, Most fault stories are generate from government media, not from others. But those cheaters are still alive.

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