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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Subscribers weary that TP4 may be used for luring them to higher packages

Subscribers weary that TP4 may be used for luring them to higher packages

Even though there is a general feeling of excitement about the introduction of TP4 and the channels it is rumored to contain such as some Asian Fox Channels, DW TV, TV5, etc there is a certain sense of weariness accompanied with this. This is specially common among the older Rs 1400/= (exclusive of VAT) premium package subscribers who are rightfully of the opinion that they will be asked to pay the revised rate of Rs 1949/= (exclusive of VAT) in order to receive the new channels. This is because Dialog did not provide most of the new channels to the older subscribers during the introduction of TP3 and forced them to upgrade to the revised package rates which was actually a Rs 50/= difference. If Dialog did that for Rs 50/= then they may do it again for a difference which far exceeds Rs 50/=.

Subscribers who were in the revised premium packages were told that they will obtain all future channels but Dialog are to charge Rs 100/= or Rs 50/= for CiTi HiTz and it is quite possible that Dialog may come up with a SET Plan for the new channels or give new channels free for the Rs 1949/= premium package and force Rs 1400/= subscribers to move to the revised package. If this is done then it will be a bad move by Dialog since they cannot expect people to pay such a large sum of money for pay television. If Dialog TV wants to cover operational costs and break even then they should do so by increasing their subscriber base instead of increasing package costs which drives more people away from purchasing connections.

We hope that the Dialog TV management provides the new channels at no cost for the premium Rs 1400/= and Rs 1949/= subscribers and some new channels for the lower packages too. Subscriber sentiment should be taken very seriously and hopefully subscribers will not be disappointed this time round.

At the moment Dialog have activated around 16 channels on TP4 but only 10 are functional but they are scrambled for all subscribers until they are tested and launched officially. They should not cram up TP4 with channels since there are serious pixelation problems on the other transponders and we hope that channels are distributed better across transponders with more bandwidth allocated for the channels which will result in an improvement in quality.

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