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Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Lien of fault

'In Lien of fault'

Faultlessly Good

Hailing from the hills of Kandy, 'In Lieu of Fault' is surely a band to reckon with. Cute vocalist Chris leads the pack with guitarists Dashan, Dushan and energetic drummer Raveen.

Pic: Priyantha Hettige
Location: ‘The Lounge’


'In Lieu of Fault' formed their brotherhood officially in December 2006 when brothers Dashan and Raveen made friends with Chris in college. The band has seen the involvement of two former members - guitarist Stephan and bassist Sam - that took the band to the forefront during its early hey days.

"We wanted a catchy name to call our band so we decided on 'In Lieu of Fault' because it meant like in place or instead of fault," says Chris. They play melodic death metal with elements of thrash and a hint of Brutal Death.

They say, "It's difficult to get gigs together in Kandy because we hardly have any sponsors or proper equipment but our crowd support is immense."

They have a distinct style of sense with regard to the image on their band, which exudes with their character and sheer metallic power.

They are hoping to release their EP in July and are at the moment recording and working on material for it. Some of their numbers include 'Random Acts of Violence', 'Hertic', 'Screams of Consciousness', 'Apathy' and 'Erase'.

Top off the list, they are influenced by All That Remains, Behemoth, Nile, Lamb of God and The Black Dahlia Murder among many others. They hope to first make it in the Lankan metal scene and take their music to greater heights eventually. Their potential is vast and they have every inch the drive and courage to take their music to the next level.

"There are many bands coming out as wannabes but those who want to make it should be serious about their music," highlights Dashan. "Practise well and play original music and put your heart and soul into doing what you like and then you will get off the ground," is their advice.

Parents of all the band members have been extremely supportive of their work and they acknowledge KRM and the underground metal fanbase for being so loyal.

"It's really good that most of our friends from the Colombo bands come to support and play with us which we really appreciate," says Dashan.

"We are happy that all us bands connect well," notes Chris. They aim to help out younger upcoming bands to take it to the fore and will remain true to the underground metal scene in Kandy.

Also, they thank Rasitha, Buwanaka, brother bands OCM, Merlock, Forlorn Hope, Forsaken, FIH, Cannabis, Vishan, Izzy, Heresy and

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