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Monday, May 19, 2008

Knight Rider 2008 series in Danger ! Season 2 : Going to Cancel ???

Knight Rider 2008 series in Danger ,(Not a Joke)
Go to the site and sign the petition to save Knight Rider !


With the economy slowing business across the land, not even Knight Rider is safe. Recently in an effort to reduce budgets, Knight Rider's episode order was cut from 23 to 17. Next year, Jay Leno moves into the prime time slot on NBC, meaning that there is 5 less hours of television for shows like ours.

It is because of this reduction that we believe it is important to start now to show those in charge at NBC that we are passionate about Knight Rider and that it should be renewed for a second season.

There are three ways below to help show your support. Please check out our campaign forum for more ideas!

* Information !

* Sign the Petition


With thousands of signatures and continuing to grow strong, this online petition started by Anthony Pizighelli is something that even cast members of the series have signed!

Sign it now and add your voices to the total ranks!

Although The Nielsen system is outdated, and does not fairly represent the amount of people watching. We understand it is the industry standard for obtaining viewer interest in a particular television show. It is our sincerest hope that this petition will represent to you the commitment of the public in support of Knight Rider as a series.

NBC obviously believed in Knight Rider enough to order all 22 episodes. The series can be a viable resource for NBC if you allow the series to reboot and follow the path set in the 2008 movie. It is our belief that NBC has invested a considerable amount of capitol into producing the show, set cost, prop costs, salaries. Knight Rider is a viable product, if produced, marketed and delivered properly. We ask NBC to not allow a slow start and a poor economy cause a hasty decision that in the end will cost NBC money and viewers.

Online petition - Save Knight Rider

********** Please save Knight Rider for the future... Do something right now !!!!!


Another great way to contact NBC is via email. Through their contact form at (select "Other" from the drop down), you can instantly send your thoughts on Knight Rider. To help you do this daily, may we suggest some of the following constructive lines:

  • Thank you NBC for bringing back Knight Rider, with Turbo Boost and KARR--what more could a fan ask for?...Well, come to think of it, a SECOND SEASON OF KNIGHT RIDER!
  • The reboot of Knight is the best thing to happen since.....the original series! We are looking forward to season two!
  • Gary Scott Thompson and the cast of Knight Rider are amazing! We just have one request for season two - can you resurrect Goliath?
  • All I have to say is that Knight Rider is truly "K.I.T.T.": Kool, Innovative, and Totally Turboboost!
  • All "KITT-ing" aside, Knight Rider keeps getting better every week--love that Ford!
  • Knight Rider is missing just one thing: MORE EPISODES! Looking forward to season two!
  • Cars are cool, but Knight Rider has taken that Ford Mustang to a whole new level. When can we start buying the mock-up's of KITT?
  • My family and I are thrilled that Knight Rider landed back on N.B.C.! Thanks for the great ride thus far!

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