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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Sri Lanka in a song.

This is one of the best song ever written about Sri Lanka. Sang by Mr. Piyal Perera of the Sri Lankan greatest music band, Gypsies. Without real quality visuals , most of young generations will not obtain the feeling of the Mother Land, Sri Lanka. Then I thought to make the best visuals available with my knowledge and I'm 100% satisfied with what I did. Don't think this is my experience. Because I've never visited any other country.If I have some money, someday I'll do. But I really love my mother land more than anything else. I got to know that one day. The day the 30 years long deadly war was ended by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksham the president of the country, I was cried. Don't know how much. But never before for my own thing. That's why I've used Mr. Mahinda's photos here. Not with politics. Don't think wrong about me. I'm a simple person without any connection with the government or any other political party. If i can do something for my motherland some day, I'll do it even, over my death.
Thanks my Mother, Sri Lanka, so so much. what you have given for me. When every time, I was (and "am') alone, you never leave me along, always there with me, my motherland, Sri Lanka.

The song means, "If I leave my mother land, Sri Lanka, That's the most wonderful country in the world, nothing else.That, I miss you".

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