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Monday, December 10, 2007

Citi HiTz, The one and only "Sinhala" 24 hours entertainment channel started today via Diolog Satellite TV

Citi HiTz, launched !!!
A new channel dedicated for the entertainment in Sinhala Language has begun today, 10th december. This channel is now available via Diolog Satellite TV in southern region of Asia. Below facilities are available on that channel called " Citi HiTz".

1. Un-Interruption Movies, without adds.
2. Sinhala Language films
3. Tel dramas , The whole drama without interruptions can be seen in one day.not wants to wait till next week or the day to watch remain parts.
4. Not government restrictions affected.
5. Awards winning ceremonies
6. Programmes of Film songs in Sinhala.
7. Seen of movies making.
8. New information and news only regarding film industry.
9. Making new films calling "Home Box Office" to broadcast via "CitiHiTz".
10. The only Satellite Sinhala Films channel , not available FTA (Free To air on normal antenna).

Hope this "CitiHiTz" will go through the world via many satellites reaching thousands of people worldwide. Now , subtitles aren't available. If DTV ( Dialog TV) sells this channel to other networks like "Dish TV", TaTa, etc. many people will be able to watch Sinhala Films with subtitles. Now, It's too early to predicts. We wish "CitiHiTz" untouchable great future !

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