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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Star Struck Stars : A Rare Sight in SaReGaMaPa on Zee TV

Star Struck Stars : A Rare Sight in SaReGaMaPa this Saturday

on Zee TV

When was the last time you saw a celebrity, act like a starry - eyed star-crazy fan? Can’t remember? Here is your chance …catch it all in SRGMP L'il Champs Show on this Saturday. To know more read on…

This week Zee SaReGaMaPA has pulled a coup and has created a history of sorts. They finally managed to rope in the ever elusive heartthrob of the millions - the bollywood actor par excellence - Amir Khan as the celebrity guest!!!

He will be there to promote his latest film "Taare Zameen Par”. The show theme for the evening is Amir Khan's hit songs. The show promises a lot of fun, entertainment and fanfare that can only be expected in the company of Amir Khan - the “Masti ki pathshaala” advocator.

Aditya and the L'il Champs kick off the show with the title track of “Taare Zameen Par”. The participants pour their heart and adoration out with outstanding performances of Amir’s songs.

From “Pehla Nasha”, to “Aankhon Se Tune”, to “Mitwaa”, to “O Paalan Haare”, to “Yaaron Sun Lo Zara”, to “Tanhaayi”, to “Mere Haath Mein” – all moods and styles will be covered. Amir is a very gracious guest and offers plenty of encouragement to all the little champs. In fact so impressed is he with the kids’ performances, that he sheds off his serious off-screen image and gets into the groove to shake a leg with Vasundhara for “Aati Kya Khandala”, croon “Aati Kya Khanadala” himself, or enact the famous “Zara AC Idhar Karna” scene from "Rangeela" for Tanmay!

The highlight of the evening however is the very touching, emotional and down to earth exchanges between the two "star struck" superstars – Sonu Nigam and Amir Khan which not only leave the two stars humbled, exhilarated and overwhelmed but also leave the public awestruck seeing this humane “hero-worship” side of two of their favorite heroes.

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