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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Michael Jackson - Still A Hero in My World - A Gratitude

I can still feel the day that Michael Jackson was freed from the charges of child abuse. Those days I thought, there are many perpetrators like thieves , robbers , terrorists , drug dealers , Doctors who are doing strikes , killers etc.But Michael Jackson is a singer can’t compare with anyone in the world.Who never has done those things and has bad habits like those.

In my childhood , I liked him because the music beats of his songs. I don’t know what about the song because I was unable to understand the language of English when the song goes speed up with quick words .But, with growing with realizing his intentions from the songs , still I can’t realize How he has written down so much meanings in songs .Yet to find out ! We can feel how he has loved us and whole world from the bottom of his heart. He was living with natural world with environment friendly, passing through natural beauty.

Children, after about 5-8 years , don’t trust them. I have many stories (Tell you later) fabricated by children for their own gain or avenge from others who made them hearts break or advices that they don’t like. Exactly I can tell the true stories, because I works with children more than hundreds in past 12 years at my educational center. When the age comes to 15-16 they’re more inclined to tell lies and going to hide many stories of their own. When that comes to the side of Crush or Love , all the stories they’ve told are on imaginable false stories. When we question them, they’re in fluency in speech to give answers then, any other will feel they’re innocents and true.If it comes to REVENGE, the words emit from the mouths are very very cruel , will be able to vanish any others reputation with their own, aftermath.

Heal The World, Will You Be There, You’re Not Along, Remember The Time, black Or White, Don’t Care About Us and Cry are some remarkable tracks can’t compare with any other songs ever except “ No matter what” , “ Different Beat” , etc. of Boyzone’s.I really feel Michael Jackson is innocent . Those like robbers, fishermen ( Who kills innocent fish), butchers(animal slayers), and many more like drug sellers even Cigarettes and Arracks dealers are the dangerous people must subjected to the death from hanging , not the social entertainers and preachers like Michael Jackson . Every one has sins according to the lord Buddha . But with comparing we must have knowledge to understand somewhat of others as humans.

Dear, Michael Jackson, I don’t think you’ll see this article ever. But, someday, some of your fans will be able to get to know there are some people out there who were backing Michael Jackson and made sounds on behalf of him. This is a gratitude for the entertainment you have given for me from my childhood. Michael Jackson, you are a wonderful person speaking in songs to hearts, has able to covert my sorrow and tears in to happiness and great positive expectation to the winning future.

May Gods Bless you !
May the Triple Gem Bless you !
May The Lord Buddha Bless You !
Hope another fantastic milestone is ahead !

( If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson, please leave a comment here as to gratitude for him)

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