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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family matters and love relationships>>> Kinduru Kodewwa

Family matters and love relationships

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
It is a story of two young hearts falling in love, respected elders becoming emotional and a helpless mother in search of her ownership rights.

‘Kinduru Kodewwa’ is a combination of it all.
Ananda is involved in gambling and he gets scolded frequently from his wife Susila because of this reason. The family has got two children ,the eldest son is Niroshan and the youngest daughter is Gayesha. Niroshan is presently employed at a Company while Gayesha is still continuing her studies. Niroshan spends a lot of money for his sisters’ education. Ananda and his family survive through the pension which Ananda receives and through Niroshans’ income.

Adjoining Ananda’s house is another family. They are Edward and Sriyani, who have one daughter named as Nimasha. Nimasha wants to start a relationship with Niroshan whereas Sriyani after observing her daughters’ behaviour keeps a close eye on her. As a result there are frequent verbal exchanges between mother and daughter.

There is a boarding house in between these two houses where a young foolish boy named Sarath resides. He keeps trying to build a relationship with Nimasha but Nimasha does not respond. Sriyani gets hold of a parcel which has been kept by Sarath to be given to for Nimasha. Sarath meets Nimasha’s father and conveys to him that he is interested in getting married to Nimasha. Nimashas’ parents rejects Sarath’s proposal saying that he has neither a stable employment nor a permanent residence. Edward and Sriyani challenges Sarath to earn more money and become wealthy. Sarath accepts their challenge and moves away.

One of Niroshans’ friends, Kumudu gets interested in Nimasha and he rings her up all the time saying that he is trying to help her to find a job.

Parallel to these incidents, there is a rich family. The father, Wasantha, is a wealthy gentleman and has recently come down from abroad. He loves his family very much.
Wasanthas’ wife is Rebecca and his only daughter is Sachini.

This house is always being visited by a western influenced, rich, educated young friendly businessman Sujeewa. Sujeewa indicates to Sachini that he has some kind of affection towards her because they have known each other from childhood..

Sachini attends computer classes which Niroshans’ sister also attends. One day Sachini and Niroshan meet each other by coincidence and they fall in love.

Their love meets with great objections. As time passes Sujeewa gets to know about Sachinis’ and Niroshans’ affair where as Sujeewa visits Niroshans’ office to discuss about this matter. Later Sujeewa realizes he is not going to receive Sachnis’ love and he suppresses his sadness and helps Sachini and Niroshan to carry on their relationship.

As the story flows down, one day, Ananda who is extremely involved in gambling gets himself caught up in a quarrel and injures his head.. Ananda visits the court house to give evidence regarding this matter and was later kept behind bars.
Some time later an unknown woman speaks to Wasantha regarding her ownership.

Who is this woman? And what is she asking for?
To find out you should watch ‘Kinduru Kodewwa’ on Swarnavahini from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 p.m.
The members of the cast are, Wasantha Kumarasiri, Sachini Ayendra, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Ananda Wickramage, Susila Kottage, Sarath Kothalawala, Rebecca Nirmali, Vishaka Siriwardhane, Sriyani Mahawatte, Edward Gunawardena.

The lighting and sets are by Hemantha Liyanage, camera direction is by Roshan Perera and Udara Pathiraja, make-up by Ananda Polgahawela, art direction is by Bandula Weerasekara, music direction is by Thilina Borallasse while the story is being written by Gamini Ratnaweera.

The drama is being directed by Saman Fernando who is assisted by Shantha Gunawardena.
‘Kinduru Kodewwa’ is a Telepathy Creation production.

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