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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jennifer Lopez: Celebrates her 39th birthday

Jennifer Lopez: Celebrates her 39th birthday

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez: Celebrates her 39th birthday

On Thursday singing sensation Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 39th birthday in quite a low profile manner along with her darling hubby Marc Anthony.

Reporters have grabbed more information about Jennifer Lopez’s birthday celebration. While giving interview to a popular media channel on Friday Jennifer Lopez said , "It's almost like every day is her birthday ... so last night we just wanted it to be quiet and, you know, have a nice quiet evening together."

The couple snuck into the Tony-winning musical ‘In the Heights’ and got "to sit in an audience and watch other people be nervous." This bit of information is put forth by Marc Anthony himself.

When asked about touring with babies called Max and Emme, Anthony said, "When your foundation is stable and you're good, it doesn't really affect anything. It just amplifies what the experience feels like. It's that much more fulfilling, and you look forward to coming home. It's a great time."

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