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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Load XP on a Vista Computer!

Load XP on a Vista Computer!

Virtual PC

Contrary to popular belief you can load xp on your new vista machine. Microsoft allows you to do this through emulation software. If you were to reformat then there is always the question of whether the drivers will load on the xp machine. This is because the hardware manufactures do not always create drivers for the xp software. More times than not if you were to do the traditional thing and reformat then you would have more problems than not.

Microsoft has created something to combat this problem. This solution is called Virtual PC. This allows you to basically use your vista machine as a host for almost any microsoft operating system. In simple terms it creates a pocket and fakes out the pc to think that it is rebooting and loading vista. So, the way it works is that you turn on your vista machine, click on the virtual pc icon, then click on whatever you name the xp emulator. Then a couple of hot keys and your screen changes over to show your familar xp window. This also means that the programs that are not compatable with your windows vista machine are now usable again on the xp emulated machine! Upon exiting you have the choice to save all the changes that you make within the operating system or delete the changes. So if you want to go into xp and see how a program reacts, but don’t want to necessarly keep it this option will allow that. This will also keep you from having to reformat due to viruses. If you obtain a virus while inside the emulator you just need to do is check the box ”do not save changes” then that virus is no more.

You can download it yourself at Microsoft’s Virtual Pc.


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