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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our New web Site , Coming soon............

We are in a new House, Named.
Star Lanka Online Dot Com

we proudly present our new fixed web site, in very near future. Also we are going to keep our download files like Dialog TV Monthly Programme Guide ( Unofficial ) , songs, TV Programmes and many more. That's why we were so silent past few weeks without many posts. But these free blogs remain same as before with new posts.

Many thanks to

Mr. Tharindu Shashindra webmaster of,
Mr.K.D.Manuka Lakshitha , the webmaster of
. Who are the ones , show us the way.

With More ....

Star Lanka Online Dot Com,

coming to your PC ...........

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1 comment:

Abby said...

Hey Star Lanka Online, I love your site, I am a Lankan who supports all kinds of Lankan talent. I am particularly into Sri Lankan hip hop -- and one of my favorite artists is Delon , he's a Sri Lankan-American hip hop artist who's very talented. He raps about unity in Sri Lanka, too. I hope you an feature him on your blog.

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