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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fans said they watched the show because of me! - Charu Semwal

Fans said they watched the show because of me! - Charu Semwal

It was a shock for Charu Semwal`s fans when she was voted out of Indian Idol. The girl herself couldn't believe it and begged the judges to give her another chance. Here is an exclusive interview with the singer:

Was the elimination totally unexpected?

I never thought that I would be out. There was no time for us to even think about what was happening. Before I could grasp the situation, they declared I was out. I was shocked. I still am.

Do you hold any grudge against the janta?

It is their love and blessings that has helped me reach this far. I was among the Top 10 in Indian Idol. People know me today. I don't think it was because of lack of votes that I got eliminated; I think my luck was not favourable.

When I returned to Dehradun, people received me with garlands and there was a huge crowd before my house. With the kind of love they've showered on me, how can I blame them for not voting for me?

What do you think went wrong? Do you feel you focused more on your appearance than your singing?

Not at all. I worked very hard on my singing. But as they say, 80 per cent is hard work and the rest is destiny. I think my luck was not in my favour. I never believed in this earlier. But now I do because I know I lost because of bad luck.

You mean you are satisfied with your performance?

No, I am not satisfied. If a singer is ever satisfied, he or she can never improve. I participated in Indian Idol so I could improve myself. I am satisfied that I did all that I could.

Moreover, I was ill most of the time. I never showed that on camera. I lost 6 kg while I was on the show. I visited the doctor many times and did my best to perform well. So I don?t have any regrets. I did my best till the end.

The judges criticised you in the last round. They were not satisfied with your performance.

The judges didn't compare me with other contestants. My performance in the Piano Round was excellent. They were telling me that in the Galas I was not performing as well.

So what are your future plans?

I want to make singing my career. I have confidence thanks to my fans. When I was voted out, I met so many fans who told me they were watching the show because of me. They said they didn't like Deepali, Puja or Ankita and that after my elimination they didn't think any girl could become the next Indian Idol.

Many girls told me they voted for me regularly and it was because they loved my voice. I am determined to make a career in Mumbai now.


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