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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Will Indian idol going to be a joke with Puja's elimination ?

Can you believe this, Puja is no more in the Gala !

Today, The Dynamic voice of India Puja Chatterjee is out from the Indian Idol top 5.She has the most attractive voice but, unfortunately she was the one to succumbed for destiny today due to the voting system. But there wasn't much sound for Puja as Deepali last week in judges table. It's mysterious or sometimes they are yet to imagine Puja is not more in the crew.

Puja walks out bravely
In a shocking turn of events, Puja is out of Indian Idol. Chang, Ankita and Puja were in the danger zone this time. Mini handed three envelopes to each one of them. While Chang`s and Puja`s letters were blank, Ankita`s letter carried the name of the contestant who was out—none other than Puja. Puja had tears in her eyes as she sang her last number Hawa Hawaii with as much energy as she always had. Alisha said it was sad that the most damdaar singer of the contest was out!

If you compare Puja with voice of India or sa re Ga Ma Pa challenge programs,
never find a leading voice loke Puja.

sometimes, Next one will be Emon ( with great knowledge of music) , and the King will be Prashant (Good, But with ordinary singing knowledge) , due to the voting system.

Never expect any of our favorite to be safe !

Prashant is going to be the Indian Idol ! ( Due to the voting system)

what do you think ?

Who will be the next one to be eliminated ? post your comment below....

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