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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

“No Problem Company Ltd” - Sunil Perera of “Gypsies”

“No Problem Company Ltd”

If you have problems don’t keep worrying yourself. Now there’s a company to resolve your burning problems. It can be personal, family, political or otherwise. If you have a problem with your husband and his office secretary, that too can be solved.

If your daughter has a romance problem, don’t worry. If your son is in love, also don’t worry. If your wife keeps suspecting you, don’t worry for that too. If your husband is a politico and he has too many secretaries, there’s a remedy for such issues. If our politicians need to cross over, they are advised on how to do it.

If retired politicos try to re-enter politics, the company will advise those in politics, how to prevent the retired from making a comeback.

This is the one and only company that handle all burning issues of the people. The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of this company is an experienced man. He himself has experienced most of those problems. Now he is quite a settled man. Utilising all his experiences, this man set up this venture “No Problem Company Ltd” two months ago.

The man is none other than the dynamic Sunil Perera of the fabulous “Gypsies”. “No Problem Company Ltd” is his latest musical creation after the latest ever green hit “I don’t know why?” The latest hit - “No Problem Company Ltd” was composed by Sunil and has become an instant hit today.

Sunil is a creative musician who touches rampant on social evils when he does a composition.
The lyrics are written by him and the melody and music too are his creations. Having started off with the ever popular ‘Kurumitto’, Sunil and his ‘Gypsies’ have come a long way from the early 1970s.

‘Gypsies’ is the only local pop music band to continue uninterrupted for 37 years in the music scene.
The ‘Gypsies’ have performed abroad in many countries several times making at least two trips an year.
Sunil plans to make a few more tunes for the festive Christmas season. Those are sure to be hits during the festive season.

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