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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fantastic 4 selected with, CHANG OUT !

Fantastic 4 selected with, CHANG's elimination from the Indian Idol gala 9

The Final 4 have been selected for Indian Idol Season 3 on Saturday, 25th. with only one girl , Ankita is remain this time again for the 1st time Amith had to go to the dangerous zone . Strange, Prashant is safe and never went to the Dangerous Zone. This time also. This is the 2nd time Chang had to be there. Ankita is 3 times, Emon 3 times Prashant, NEVER.

4 weeks to end the Indian idol Season 3, with Final round, 14 th of next month.

Alisha said if Amith or Chang eliminate, she will quit also. With Chang's elimination,Alisha was shocked and went out to the back stage and cried and tried to make her mind about her Indian Idol, Chang.

***Below are some comments I've extracted from Indian Idol site for your pleasure

Posted By: Smita Mondal On:25/08/2007
Chang is Out - The end of Indian Idol3 for me:
According to me Chang had all the qualities to be the next Indian Idol but the last Gala result has just shocked me!!! If the show is going to move like this, then I am sure that India will never get its actual Indian Idol. I think, the current voting system is totally biased. Audience is voting based on their cast, community, creed and the purpose of selecting the best singer as well as performer has really got the second priority now. So I request the Indian Idol management to change this voting system, if not, then at least introduce some kind of wild card entry system in GALA. Otherwise there is no point in watching Indian Idol in search of 'Bharat ki Shaan".



Posted By: Ishwaita On:25/08/2007

Chang Is Out- Unbelievable!!!:
It's not fair that CHANG is out! Chang is so original and versatile and had a great personality. When you see that Prashant is sitting and Chang is out- Something is really wrong with that Picture! I am sorry Chang that the People of this country have let you down!
Good luck and you will get your due- Ishwaita


Posted By: Prasha On:25/08/2007
keep voting:
Hey should think first before you say something? Why can't you accept Prashant as an Indian? Are you threatened by him? What are you doing in India? Prashant is Indian and even worked in the police force and don;t dare post your comments that will draw back to you!!!! I think your fav lost coz u did not vote for him and u r just using this forum to make ur excuse...the fact is u don't have any penny to cast your vote!!!!!


Posted By: Shariful On:25/08/2007
shocked from Bangladesh:
I was totally shocked with todays result. How can audience drop Chang? He was one of the finest singer and should have been min in the top 3. One needs to remember it is not finding ones favorite it is all about finding the best the most skilled singer as he will represent India. These are places where the format should not leave the total choice to audinece once it enters the top 5. 50% point should remain with the judges. I am sure then signers like prasant would go out and not Chang. These are reasons why democracy should not be there in countries where education level is not above 80%. I have not missed a single episode and todays result made me lose all interest. May the best win.


Posted By: sara On:25/08/2007

sad to note that chang is out .I knew either chang , emon or amit would go after puja & deepali. SEE some blind voters are voting for their anki baby or prashant.So prashant has never been in danger zone --no matter what he sings --bad , good ,worse , avg. he was bad yesterday , last time he was too bad , he has been consistently bad with simple songs. And yes , ankita -better not say anything. she can sing limited songs. And she is very good besuri singer .so prashant & ankita are the right candidate for indian idol.


Posted By: lalatendu kanungo On:25/08/2007
it is quite surprising that Chang was asked to leave when prasant and ankita are there. Chang was not singing well but he picked up well and is by far much much much better than prasant and ankita. ANKITA IS A FALTU SINGER She should not be there in INDIAN IDOL.


Posted By: waqas On:25/08/2007
He is a good singer, but ankita again got a chance, so has to prove her self,

SO Ankita keep working hard, because he was good singer and the ppl left are mind blowing.


Posted By: snigdha On:25/08/2007
The show should not go on !:
This is not done !Chang is out? how is it possible? the show shouldnot go on.indian Idol is a musical compitition which is finding the best singer ! And best 3 singers are in bottom 3! what the hell! This doesnt make n e sence . Better U stop the show or change the title . It should be the worst singer .Actually the indial public should not hav the right to vote out a contestent .Because i dont think they have a minimum sence about music .Where Puja , Depali & Charu is out Ankita (the worst singer i hav ever headr and a irritating Character ) is still there .Being a part of indian idol do u think it is ok?


Posted By: Divya On:25/08/2007
New method of Judging and Selecting the Final Indian Idol:
I am really very disapointed to see that Chang is out of the show. I think "Junta" is voting without using its brain. I think Prashant should have been out. If you continue to go by "Junta's" vote then i am sure we all will have a wrong choice as Indion Idol. So my suggestion is that we take a precautionery measure right now. Is it possible that we invite few more guests as special invitees who have sound knowledge of music and are well knowned in music world plus we can also include the veiwers sitting in there while shoot. I think we should only ask these people to vote and not "Junta". Please, please, please, and please........ do something for the next round onwards or else..... we will stop watching this show ....... people will hate this show....we will not have faith in this process.... Plus what is the use of all the four judges sitting their if they do not have the final say.......
Include Chang once again and use this method....and see the will work..


Posted By: rashmi On:25/08/2007
Goal of the show has become highly questionable:
its pathetic past three weeks, very good singers are voted out after their very best performances. I dont understand if indian idol wants to recognise someone who is only popular with people. To be out of the show, the criterion should not be based on a single factor which is not transparent. people do not vote for the goal of the program. Rather the peoples' vote should become a factor in the marks awarded by the judges as a quality " popularity". Why do you have judges at all, if the competitors are sent just based on the people's vote and that too it differs remarkably from general opinion. And a word for the judges , please treat ur co-judge equally; everyone of the judges deserves to tell their opinion. Pl. don't pass comments on other judges' opinion. This makes people think, you are not fit to decide. that shows in the result. I somehow feel ultimately the competitors are being cheated.
this is more a masala show than a music competition.

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