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Sunday, August 19, 2007

What's On next Friday at 9.00 , Indian Idol Gala...

The show started with all the contestants Alisha ,Anu and Udit dancing on a few disco songs.
there will be no celebrate judges on this time.

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The show on air on next 24th Friday - Indian Idol

***the first
one to sing was Chang and he sang om shanti om

***2nd then it was Prashants turn he sang ek haseena thi
the judges didn't like it much they thought he needs to improve cos he didn't match Chang's stand and Chang has raised the bar of the competition.

was Amit and he sang some old not so popular song called "pyar aaya" something i dont really rem the song properly cos i have never ever hrd it..
the judges again praised him and said tat he was on par with Chang's performance and Javed Saab said tat he was a gift to the Hindi film industry..

***fourth was Emon he sang saara zamaana
judges liked it but thought he could have done better and his pronunciations were wrong at some places.

***fifth was Ankita she was looking nice in a red outfit and she sang aap jaisa koi all the judges just loveddd

---By: pranathi

Be with us , all the informations come our way - Admin

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