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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Amith Paul Says - 'Music is my life' --Extracted conversation with Amith Paul

Here is the extracted conversation with Amith Paul - Priyantha de silva

Question > hi amit how are u do u think u will be the indian idol how many pecent do u think.

amit says thanks a lot Ali.....My best friend is Prashant.. thanks a

Question > Hi Amit, This is Sunita from the US. I think you are the dark horse and will definetly be on the top 2. I do hope you win..Good luck

amit says Thanks a bunch Sunita!!!

Question > hello amit ji .ki haal hai twada????u sing very gd......agar ap indian idol jeet gaye to kya karoge????koi gf
hai apki??u look very handsome.....

amit says Nahi yaar.. koi girl friend nahi hai..

Question > who do u think is most famous in indianidol

amit says I think all the top 4 are popular on Indian Idol

Question > are you moody

amit says
no not at all....

Question > have you got any girlfriend

amit says
No i dont have a girlfriend...

Question > Hello Dear Amit Paul.I m moazzam from Pakistan. What is your Star? i m really a big fan of yours

amit says Thanks a lot I am a Capricorn.

Question > R u technically studying music nw?...i remember tat wen u came 2 indian idol u hadn't studied..wat abt nw?

amit says My favouriyes are ... Kishore, Yesudas, Sonu Nigam

Question > amit bhaiya, i am saniana. i am syudying 8th class in hyderabad. i have a doubt! do u really get 99 calls per day?

amit says
yes actually more than that!!!

Question > Hi Amit who do you think is your greatest competitor? Are you a Bengali?

amit says I feel its Prashant.. yes iam a bengali

Question > u think u and emon will end up the last 2?

amit says
Maybe... its in hands of god & Janta

Question > which songs are you going to sing in this gala?

amit says Dil kya kare & Meri soni meri tamanna

Question > what is your favourite performance in indian idol?

amit says My fav performance was when i sang Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha

Question > hey amit...u will surely be the indian idol - wishes...u have a very pleasing voice

amit says
thanks a lot for ur best wishes!!

Question > how do u feel when girls say they love u like mad n stuff ??

amit says I feel good.. sometimes i feel shy too..

Question > amit u r excellent singer... r u proud on ur self ?

amit says yes of course i am happy & proud!

Question > Amit r u feeling sad because Chang is eliminated?

amit says yes.. beacuse chang was my very good friend...

Question > Amit wat is d secret behind ur melodious voice?

amit says i think its god's gift!

Question > how can u sing 6 language songs?
amit says Yes i sing in more than 6 languages

Question > Hi Amit! I just love ur voice! Have you had formal training?

amit says No i havent had any formal training.. but iam planning to!!

Question > hi amit i wanted to know do u pick out the songs yourself?? or is there someone else who chooses the song?

amit says No, we discuss it with our music managers.

Question > Hey Amit! your the best! YOU ARE INDIAN IDOL! you rock, can't wait to watch you sing,tomorrow night! i have a question, what is your favourite song and why? and who is your favourite contesteant and judge and why?

amit says My favourite songs is Aye Zindagi Galey Laga Le from Sadma by Ilayaraja.

Question > Hi Amit.This is ur PAKISTANI FAN.Whts ur Message to Pakistani fans?Can u give me your mobile or email id plzzzzzzzzzzzz

amit says Please keep supporting me.. thanks a lot for encouraging me.. love you all!!

Question > From whom you have learned the music and what is your life ambition.

amit says I havent learned music... my aim is to become a verstaile singer

Question > Who is your closest friend from all the contestants?

amit says Prashant, Parleen & Deepali!!

Question > what is ur favourite colour actor actress tell me soon

amit says Black & white

Question > Were u sad when Chang left?

amit says Yes of course cos he was my very good friend!! i miss him!

Question > Hello Amit.Please Sing Beete Lamhey From movie THe Train.Im From Pakistan.U Rock..You Are Our Idol

amit says sure dear!! i will try !!

Question > Hi Amit Uncle!! Im Mallika from US, ur really big fan! Can u email looove 2 tok to u u give me ur cell number?? thnxx.. luv ya, congrats n gudd luck!! take care, Mallika

amit says Amit uncle?!! hehe.... thnks a lot for ur wishes..
Question > Hi Amit..Can u sing in Bengali?

amit says yes of course.. Bengali is my mother tongue!!

Question > hi amit how do you learn songs from so many languages and can remember them?

amit says Its very easy to rememeber them...

Question > Hi I'm huge fan, just wanted to ask what it was that inspired you to get into music?

amit says I was in love with music since childhood... so ..... music is my life...

Question > Out of all the girls and boys eliminated, which boy and which girl do you miss the most?

amit says I miss Parleen & Deepali the most...

Question > among girls who deserve to be in top 5?

amit says I think Deepali, Puja, Charu & Jolly Das

Question > What was the most memorable moment for you in II?

amit says When i got through Wild Card Round....

Question > Amit u dont imagine how much pakistani people love you

amit says Yes i do know... thanks a lot for
your support....


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