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Friday, September 21, 2007

FREE !!!!!!!! Vote For Amit or Prashant, Do It Now ! - Hurry UP !!!

Now every one can do SMS via this site below.Please follow the below 8 instruction carefully ,

*** Step 1 :
Visit the site using below link.

*** Step 2 :

Follow the link there "Register now, It's FREE", and use the free register.After that activate your free account.

*** Step 3 :

Select the country - India(+91)

*** Step 4 :

Type 505252502 in the box, in front of

*** Step 5 :
In the message box, type Prashant or Amit to your choice to want to be the next Indian Idol.

*** Step 6 :
Press "Send SMS" button.

*** Step 7 :
After that, click on confirm your message

*** Step 8 :

Do it again and again, you can send more messages till you get tired, all free.

**************************** Enjoy*******************************

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