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Sunday, September 30, 2007

MTV Debuts Online Community

MTV Debuts Online Community

Extending its image as a youthful brand, MTV has reportedly launched its first online community christened
Targeted at the young and the restless, the Think Community aims to be a definitive online resource, a place where everyone from sunny day volunteers to die hard activists can: “Get Educated, Get Connected, Get Heard, Get Active, and Get Rewarded”.
The online community will serve as a platform for youth activism with respect to personal issues such as sexual health, discrimination, and education, as well as other topics.
Members will be encouraged to make use of advanced communication tools like mobile phones, broadband videos, digital cameras, and online forums. MTV believes this will help the youth to get up and take a stance on some of the issues close to their heart. will feature user-uploaded multimedia content served-up as videos, blogs, video games, podcasts, news reports, and so on. Significantly, members who use the Web site to do some good will be rewarded with opportunities- to meet stars, access exclusive MTV events, get exposure on MTV, and receive grants/scholarships and more. Members will also be able to carry their profiles and those of their friends to any of the sites in MTV Networks’ recently announced Flux Network.


paddy said...

Haven't been to the site yet.. but sure is a great idea! And MTV can be trusted to make this an interesting one...

Paddy K R

Anonymous said...

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