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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is Toshi returning on Voice of India?

Is Toshi returning on Voice of India?
Producer/director Gajendrra Siingh explores possibility of bringing back Toshi as a wild card entry..

Toshi's (real name Ovez Sabri) unexpected elimination from the musical reality talent hunt show Voice of India had left everyone stumped. Celebrity judge Kunal Ganjawala was speechless when he announced that the results of the public voting last week, conveyed that Toshi had got the axe from the contest.

Ganjawala is a product of a similar talent hunt show held years ago on Zee, and is a Gajendrra Siingh discovery, who now produces and directs Voice of India. Kunal says, "Voting ends up choosing the wrong singer..It's a shame that the viewers don't vote for talent. I'm glad in my time, there was no public voting or else I would never have reached where I'm today."

Abhijeet, who is one of the judges on the show, has always been vocal about wrong decisions and he didn't keep mum on this one too; "I will not allow Toshi to beg for votes, or for work as a playback singer. I have adopted him as my son and he will travel in my car wherever he goes. I'm heartbroken."

Sunday morning (September 2) saw Gajendrra Siingh accompany Toshi to Ajmer Dargah to seek divine intervention. Says Siingh, "I have full trust in Toshi's singing abilities. I'm considering bringing him back as a wild card contestant. He's a strong contender to the title of Voice of India."

Author: Usha Thomas

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