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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Much talked 50% - 50% Ability of perfomence and singing comes to end with Ankita's elimination !

The TOP 3 have been selected with Ankita Mishra's Elimination

One of most awaited elimination ( according to some sites) of Indian Idol has happened on this time. After the elimination of talented songstress like Deepali and Puja more people expected Ankita's out so Prashant. This time again , Prashant wasn't there on Dangerous Zone. But again, Emon was there with Ankita, the only girl survived without eliminate. Now, there isn't any girl remain, that will bring some blank spaces in next Gala rounds with only men's sounds in songs. Every time when Ankita was there, she Rocked the audience.All the people will miss Ankita as a girl's voice.

2 more rounds to go and the final will be held on 14th of this month.Emon, Amith or undefeated Prashant will be the 3rd Indian idol.

A conversation with ankita .

‘I want to be a Face in the Crowd’
Ankita Mishra

Ankita Mishra wants to be like Britney Spears and Shakira, here's a Chit-chat with the Spunky Performer, Ankita Mishra!

Ankita Mishra or Anky Baby, in short is Miss. Confident, who sets the stage on fire with her every Bindaas performance. All the judges with no exception of the most introvert judge, Javed Akhtar and the celebrities who visited the show have danced to her tunes. Her attitude and style is the talk of every episode. Indian Idol might have missed this rock star on stage if she was not brought by the judges through wild card entry. She is a true performer who brings lot of energy to the show.

Tell us one incident with the celebrity that happened on sets which you would remember for ages?

Ankita: Definitely it has to be Govinda, which was a great moment for me. When we danced together, he said, “Tumme bahut masti hai, this will only take you high in life”.

Another incident was when I missed the beat and wordings, but got appreciated by Anil Kapoor. He said he too has had the same experience, but the biggest plus in me is that I continued with my performance. This really built up my confidence, his comments where really valuable.

How has Indian Idol platform been beneficial in your career?

Ankita: Yes, I came here when I was in just my 12th standard. This stage has given me a lot. My singing career has got a big lift because of this platform. Now, it is my turn to work hard and give myself a bright future.

Were you a performer before or you learnt it after coming to Indian Idol?

Ankita: No, I have been like this for long.

You have been in Bottom 3 for the past 2 weeks, what do you think is your chance of becoming Indian Idol?

Ankita: Yes, still I am here, I would give myself 100% chance of making it big here. Once I am out, I will probably take another name.

Do you want to become a rock star or a playback singer?

Ankita: Yes, pop stars like Shakira and Britney Spears have made it big in India too. I want to follow their path. I know that I need to really work hard on my singing skills, and I am surely doing it. I know that I perform well and that is my big plus. There are others here who sing better, but they have not got what I have got. Not all can perform great! I know that if I work hard on my singing, then I am right there to give a tough fight. I am certainly working hard. I want to be a face in the crowd.

If you get an opportunity to bring back one contestant eliminated - who would it be?

It has to be Parleen, then! We have been friends right from the Theatre Round and it is sad that he is not there today.

You see a very hot guy. On the spur of the moment you decide to propose to him/her, what song would you sing to tell them your dil ka haal?

Ankita: I would sing, “Aap Jaisa Koi Mere Zindagi Main Aaye”….

Wishing the Spunky and Hot Ankita All the Very Best for her future!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali, Srividya Rajesh

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