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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Special with Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 Special with Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav

The SRGMP sets turning into a village in no time with the arrival of the Railway Minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav – who is popular among all the age groups
Saturday 28th August saw a very special guest on the sets of SRGMP. It was none other than the Railways Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav. And as usual the presence of Laloo Yadav creates the best possible atmosphere that one can expect. Everyone see him acting the in the same Laloo style even at the sets of SRGMP. To keep up the Indian tradition, Laloo had wished that everything be “Desi” in the show when he makes his visit and the contestants, production house and others made sure to keep his wish. They all come adorned in traditional Indian dress with Raja even wearing a “Pagri” in Rajasthani attire while Aditya and Aneek in traditional Dhoti Kurta.

It is not only the contestants' attire and songs on the sets that impress this esteemed minister, but also the sets that was designed by the channel house especially for his visit. What better would be perfect for this man other than the setup of a rural village of India? Yes, come Saturday the whole SRGMP set is going to light up into a rural village. All we can find is the traditional Water wells with hut cut-outs and jute cots. To add to the perfect ambience - herd of goats can also be seen. The only thing probably missing would be cattle! Of course Lalooji being the guest and the set being made just to impress him, how can they miss out on the 'famous' Pan Shop! Yes, the set would be having even that!!

With all these colorful setting and perfect environment, how can the contestants fail to give excellent performances? The Top 7 left no stone unturned to make Lalooji feel special with their traditional performances. Lalooji’s presence and no Bhojpuri song sung would be incomplete,isn't it? Amanat Ali gives a breathtaking performance on a Bhojpuri song "Kashi heele Mathura heele, Chapra heele la, tohri lachke jab kamriya, saara jeela heele la.", and makes sure to rock the stage. While Aneek brings back nostalgic childhood memories for Lalooji with his song "sa ra ra ra ra, dekho holi aaye re" as this is the one song which he used to enjoy during his childhood days.

The big question here arises - What about Lalooji’s comments on the performances and music? Nothing to worry there… He is going to give really motivational speech on Music enthralling the contestants and audience. They would also have to listen to some of his enthralling speech on Government system. But before leaving the sets, he is going to make sure to cheer the contestants and give them moral support.

Author: Barnali

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