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Thursday, September 13, 2007

“I want to rule the music industry” - Emon Chatterjee tells after the elimination

“I want to rule the music industry”
- Emon Chatterjee

The heartbeat of Indian Idol is eliminated. Everyone loved this prankster with a golden heart and a bubbly personality. Yes, it is Emon Chatterjee we’re talking about. Hardly 18 years old, this powerhouse of talent showed amazing courage on stage by not shedding a single tear, while everybody else including Mini and Anu Maliik, cried for him. He came across as a brave soldier, who is ready to take the Indian film industry by storm.

You seem to have taken the verdict quite sportingly. Or are you hiding your disappointment?

I am not hiding anything. Definitely I am sad that I’ve to leave now. I’ll miss everyone. But it`s ok… it is a part of the game. It could have been anyone’s turn this time. It could have been Prashant bhaiya or it could have been me. Now I’ll go out of here, practice hard and become the best singer. I promise that to those who voted for me.

Did you expect it?

I did expect it today. We have come to a stage in the contest when anyone can be eliminated. It could have been Amit or Prashant, too. If I was shocked then I would have cried a lot and said ‘I don’t want to go’. I didn’t say a single word. Today was my turn to go… it’s that simple.

Does this verdict prove that Prashant and Amit are better singers than you?

I won’t say better singers… but it is for sure that my training helped me a lot in my good singing, while Prashant bhaiya has never received training… still he sings well. This is a huge thing. Apart from this, he is a very good human being. He is the best person I’ve ever met… so honest and so down-to-earth. Even if he scolds me I like it because he considers me his younger brother.

About Amit bhaiya, from day one I said that he has the talent to be the Indian Idol. Everybody says that I look and sing like Sonu Nigam. But Amit is one guy who doesn’t resemble anyone. He is original. No one ever said that he imitates anyone and he consistently gave good performance. He is an able candidate to be the Indian Idol.

Do you imitate Sonu Nigam consciously or it is just a coincident?

Absolutely not. I never consciously imitate him. And I don’t believe I sound like Sonu Nigam at all. Two people can be similar in looks and voice… it can happen everywhere. It is just a coincidence. Why should I imitate him? After all he is already there in the music industry… why would people take me if he is already there… why should I imitate someone who is ruling the music industry?

Javed declared that you can neither make it as a playback singer nor as a stage performer. Are you willing to challenge him and prove him wrong?

I don’t want to comment on that… I guess he was hurt or irritated by something… it`s ok… he is an elder and he is the best lyricist in India… I`d rather not talk about his talent. But he advised me that I shouldn’t sound like Sonu Nigam and I’ll defiantly work hard to sound different. I have a dream that one day I’ll sing a song written by him and composed by Anu Maliik. Hope, it comes true one day.

You said that you want to be a true Indian Idol. Tell us about it.

I meant that I want to be an Idol in the true sense. The real idol for the masses… the people of India. I’ve seen young guys and girls who are very talented singers, but because their parents don’t encourage them, they can’t pursue music. Parents still believe doctors and engineers are the only people who earn a good living. I want to change that… I want to take music career to new heights. I want to rule the music industry.

Who would you vote for? Amit or Prashant?

I’ll vote for both. But otherwise I would pray that Amit bhaiya wins. It`s not that Prashant bhaiya is not good. He is a good singer, but Amit bhaiya is even better. I want Amit Paul to be the Indian Idol.

What are your future plans?

I want to work a lot harder on my voice and be the best singer in India. After my board exams I want to come back to Mumbai to start my career in the film industry.

Will you try acting?

If I get a chance then I’ll definitely give it a try. But the deal would be that I get to sing for myself in the movie. I would like to be like Kishore Kumar—who was a good actor, composer, music director, lyricist and producer all packed into a single personality. I would like to be a versatile performer.

One thing that you’ve gained here that you’ll cherish for life?

The comments of the judges. Those golden words will be with me for life and that is the most important thing that I’ve gained here. They will help me improve my voice. Each word is worth lakhs of rupees. They are priceless.

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