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Friday, September 14, 2007

Elvis Presley - The King and his Queens

The King and his Queens - The Friday, reports

Courtesy: Ahlan! -Dubai

Ex-wife - Priscilla Presley

Priscilla was only 14 and living on a German army base camp when she met Elvis in the early 60s (she was Elvis’s Commanding Officer’s stepdaughter). After somehow persuading her parents to allow her to live with the famous (good-looking and loaded) pop star in America, the couple were eventually married in Vegas in 1967.

Their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born exactly nine months after their May wedding, but Priscilla left the King five years later, blaming the split on their different lifestyles - “I don’t have an addictive personality and living with someone who does, was very, very, difficult and very hard to watch.”

The two remained close - “Once you have a bond with Elvis that will never leave -he was loving and caring always” -and after his death, Priscilla went on to launch a successful acting career with lead roles in Dallas and the Naked Gun movies.

She also became Chairwoman and President of Elvis Presley Enterprises, turning her ex-husband’s estate from a money-draining enterprise into a trust that is now worth over USD 15 million.

The Daughter - Lisa Marie Presley*************************************

The apple of Elvis’s eye, Lisa Marie was nine when the 42-year-old died of a heart attack. After his death, she began her own indulgences with drugs and alcohol, along with a music career (which earned her two platinum-selling albums!).

Famously married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage (he filed for divorce in 2002, just three months after their wedding), the mum-of-two has settled down with guitarist Michael Lockwood and stays out of the spotlight.

The Lover - Marilyn Monroe ***************************

As two of the most famous people alive during the 60s, it’s no surprise that Marilyn and Elvis ended up together...if only for one night!

“When Elvis saw Marilyn, they came together and without saying a word, started kissing. I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do”, revealed his former agent, Byron Raphael. Then Marilyn said, “You’re pretty good for a guitar player.”

After two minutes, they went into the bedroom and the next thing I knew I was woken up by the door opening and they both walk out stark naked!”

The Girlfriend - Cybill Shepherd *********************************

The moonlighting star spends most of her time talking about her relationship with Elvis, who she dated briefly during the 70s when she was 19.

“He was a brilliant man...he was brilliant, he was funny, he was warm hearted”, says the 57-year-old who eventually chose another man over the King. “He was a tremendously sexy man, person, wonderful, delightful.”

The Granddaughter - Riley Keogh **************************************

Riley, 18 is following in Elvis’s footsteps with her own career in front of the cameras -she’s modelled for D&G and Dior and was on the cover of Vogue with her mum and grandmother at just 15.
And when it comes to love, she is currently dating Ashlee Simpson’s ex, Ryan Cabrera.

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