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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yashan on Y FM!

Yashan on Y FM!

-The Nation

By Aisha Edris
Yashan is Sri Lanka’s youngest professional hip hop artiste. At the age of 20, he has already made a name for himself in Sri Lanka’s hyper-competitive music industry as a brilliant musician, producer and entertainer.

To date, Yashan has featured on many number-one hit singles with well-known Sri Lankan artistes such as Ashanthi, Waruna from Sirasa Superstar, and Uresha Ravihari. He has also performed in over 300 high-profile concerts within the last three years with Bathiya & Santhush, Sirasa Sundown Carnival, and the Y FM Anniversary Concert, among others.

Yashan is also the co-host of a programme on Y FM, Saturday Hot Beat, which has become very popular over the airwaves.

It’s a show that’s caters exclusively to music lovers and Yashan hosts it in a brilliant manner.
So how did the radio show come about? “I spoke to Y FM Manager Thanuja about the idea of starting a music show and she was quite taken up with the idea,” said Yashan.

Speaking about his co-host Yashan told SOUL, “DJ Slash of Y FM is the host, he’s a really cool guy to work with.
On our first day of the show I was quite nervous, he and Thanuja really calmed me down and asked me not to panic.”
Saturday Hot Beat introduces new songs each week, and features hip hop, R&B, pop and many more types of music, along with the latest news from the music world.

“We have discussions about current trends and we feature new artists every week. The best part about the show is we have a game which is all about music,” Yashan added.

As for his first show and how it felt, Yashan said, “I was very excited and nervous as it was the first time I was doing a radio show, which really made me panic. After a while Thanuja and DJ Slash had to calm me down and soon enough, I started enjoying it!”

Yashan’s parents were his first critics and both of them listened to every show – they have never missed a single one. As a result, Yashan said, “When I go home after a show, the first thing I get to listen to is about the mistakes that I made.”

Yashan is now under the guidance of two of the most respected players in the game, Bathiya and Santhush, and the release of his debut album has already become one of the most anticipated rap/hip hop events in Sri Lanka.

“I’m hoping to release my album very soon. It will be launched with a big bang. Last week I released my solo album Sadawathuren Part 2. I’m also in the process of shooting my second video, which is going through the editing process,” he pointed out.

For those of you who can’t seem to get enough of this rap sensation, there’s more good news: He’ll be hosting a TV show on Sirasa in a few months time, which will be about fashion, music and artistes.

Yashan launched his website (Special Edition) along with his new single Sandawathuren Part II recently. His new single can be downloaded off this website along with the lyrics. The website is currently running a competition where visitors could win free tickets for his album launch party. Click onto to find out more about his upcoming concerts and singles! Yashan received a record 5,000 visits during the first five days of his web launch.
Contact Yashan @:
309/1, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya


All of you can listen Y-FM via Internet, The link is there on this page

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