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Friday, September 28, 2007

Iraj - From the new generation

From the new generation :
Amazing Iraj

-- The Friday ' News

Iraj Weeraratne born February 21, 1981, is a Music Producer known for his involvement in the island’s new generation music scene.

Iraj has amazed Sri Lanka’s music moguls through his unprecedented climb to the helm of the island’s entertainment industry. His amazing track record of No.1 singles, a consecutive series of top 10 hits, and last year’s No.1 debut album “Iraj” has made him go beyond a local household name, into an internationally recognized and celebrated figure.

In modern Sri Lanka, the phenomenal growth of hip hop culture, and the ability of this music to blend into the island’s cultural and social context, have been catapulted by Iraj’s influence in shaping the interests of this tiny nation’s music tastes.

What amazes Sri Lanka’s entertainment analysts most is not how his debut album managed to break the island’s record for the ‘All time fastest-selling’ and ‘Fastest - selling debut’ after it surpassed the all important 100,000 mark in just four weeks, but how he was able to sell his “gangsta” beats from the urban to the rural, across age, racial and gender barriers.

The international attention paid to “Roots” meant that Iraj and his music were now being focused on beyond the shores of his tiny island home.

Following the success of his singles “Ill Noize” and “Ahankara Nagare” both in Sri Lanka and in European Asian charts, his next smash hit “J Town Story”, about the hopes and despair of a young boy from the war-torn city of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka, cracked the neighbouring South Indian Tamil market. His increasing popularity in gigantic India meant that his music was to soon go beyond the South Indian market, capturing the attention of India’s HOM Records and getting his No.1 smash hit with Ranidu - “Ahankara Nagare” featured in their Asian Flava Vol: 01 album and video play on both MTV India and Channel V.

Now with his own radio show on Sri Lanka’s biggest Sinhala radio station Sirasa FM (Re-mix show with Iraj), a string of sold-out performances, and new collaborations with local artistes, “Iraj” has become an industry to himself.

Iraj’s 1st album was one big success. His second album and video DVD is expected. Iraj launched his own clothing brand “I Wear”.

Studio Albums
2005: Iraj
2007: Project 2: Aloke

Solo singles
2005: “J Town Story” featuring Infaas & Krishan
2005: “Ahankara Nagare” featuring Ranidu
2005: “Ran Ran Ran” featuring Sangeeth, Krishan & Static K9
2006: “Mata Aloke Genadevi” featuring Ranidu & BK of Ill Noize
2006: “Saarasadis” featuring Samitha Adhikari & BK of Ill Noize
2006: “Suragana Kirilliye” featuring Infaas
2006: “Hithumathe” featuring Romesh & Lakshan
2006: “Mathaka Mandira” featuring Samitha Adikari & Malith Perera
2007: “Mata Sithanna Bae” featuring Killer B & Yawwanan

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