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Thursday, September 27, 2007



It was a dream come true for the top five finalists of Amul Voice of India, when they met the ultimate person in the music industry - Lata Mangeshkar!

Their joy knew no bound.... they were worried if they would fumble for they would be meeting her for the first time.... some were speechless.....some cried on meeting her... some were too excited to show her their singing prowess.. some all geared to woo her by singing her own songs...and why not... for they were meeting the VOICE OF INDIA !!!!
AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA Top 5 finalists: Abhilasha V, Sumitra Iyer, Mohd. Irfan, Ishmeet Singh & Harshit Saxena recently met their IDOL ....Lata Mangeshkar to seek her blessings and also to wish her advance happy birthday !!! She was more than happy to oblige them, byt not only taking out time for them but also giving them valuable tips which will help them in their singing career. She heard them all one by one and was very happy ... in her sweet voice she said " Sabhi Achcha Gaate Hain"... which made the top 5 finalists remember this day as a red letter day in their life !!

Ishmeet Singh , the young lad from Ludhiana and a strong contender of the show could not control his tears as he saw Lataji sitting right infront of him, " I was so thrilled, nervous and excited at the same time, I couldn't believe that I am infront of her and she is patiently listenign to me... I just fell on her feet and took her Aashirwaad... I was too happy that tears rolled down my eyes. "
"I was totally nervous.... rather scared... as i thought i would not be able to sing infront of her and fumble but as we eneterd her residence, she made us seek blessings of Ganapati Bappa and comforted us like our mother", adds Abhilasha V, contestant of Amul Star Voice Of India.
Irfan has the best experience to share, " I was very happy and looking forward to meet her.... yelling yapping that I am going to meet Lataji all through I reached her place. Things were fine till I reached her building and no sooner that we were takign to stair to go up....God only knows what happened to me I was very very scared and nervous almost like an exam fever !!! By this time all my fellow colleagues came forward to tease me and enquire about my extra enthusiasm and energy which went off by then !!!!!

For Harshit & Sumitra, meeting her was a dream come true, but after meeting her they had to pinch themselves to check if they were or not living in a dreamworld!!!!

Author Minnie Gupta

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