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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Unconfirmed (Sad) News !EMON Is OUT ! - Sad news for Emon Chatterjee’s fans.

Unconfirmed (Sad) News !EMON Is OUT !

Now It's 1 1/2 Hours to the Show on SET. ( Now the time is 7.30 pm) I've brought leaked news many times. I'm going to tell another one this time, also. EMON was in the dangerous zone with Prashant who was there for the first time. First, Amith was the one saved for the finale.

Now we have to wait till 9.00 pm to get to know the real result.

We are the one of first site in the world brings latest information.

Author - Priyantha De Silva

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We wish Emon, A bright future with all the success, already he has earned it .You'll be a very famous playback singer as Anu Malik (Music director of Main Hoo Na and more) has said before. We can't believe how you sang the song "Mithawa"(Kabi alvida Na Kehena) in a round of Indian Idol. It's absolutely fantastic.

(All the shows I have in my computer as I've recorded all the Gala rounds with before ones, then anyone can't tell he has done wrong way as I can here them anytime)

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